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Students with a passion for the arts showed their creative talents at the 48th annual Mountain Poetry and Drama Festival. A total of 72 students and some adults took part in the event held Feb. 1 and 2 at Fairholme School this year. "It's fun to have it here in our school," said Selma Maendel, program convener with the festival. "When you see the effect it has on the children, it is just wonderful." The festival is run under the umbrella of the Associated Manitoba Arts Festivals. Students who took part came from a variety of schools this year: Baker School in Baker Colony, Brennan School in Elm River Colony, Fairholme School in Fairholme Colony, Good Hope School in Good Hope Colony, Somerset School in Somerset and Ste. Marie in Bruxelles. This if the first year the Brennan School participated in the festival. The event is open to any student in the area who want to take part, from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Only six entrants were from non-Hutterite schools this year. "Th at is unusual," said Selma. "We want to brainstorm to see why is that enrolment (in the festival) going down." This is the fourth year the event has been hosted at Fairholme School. Overall, Selma was pleased with the number of students participating in the festival. Those who took part could give spoken poetry presentations, readings , as well as a creative category off ering. Four awards were handed out in total, with two going to Kindergarten to Grade 6 winners, with a prize of $25 each, and two to Grades 7 to 12 winners with a prize of $50 each. There was also a $50 gift certifi cate from Portage and District Arts Centre up for grabs. Winners can also be recommended to be sent to the upcoming provincial fi nals. There are also often some adults who participate in the festival each year. Dora Maendel, a teacher at Fairholme Colony School, took part in the event with her story- telling performance. "It's a fun story," she said. "Th e children liked this one so much. I decided it's their festival, here in our school, so I'll give them this one." She added the adjudicator for this year's festival was Faith Pritchard, who is from Thompson. "You are getting high -calibre critiques for your students through the adjudication," she said of the value of the judges. Grade 6 student Hadassah Maendel, who attends Fair- holme Shool, off ered a poem, reading, and a creative poem presentation during her performance at the festival. "I like getting new ideas," she said of what she enjoys best about taking part in the festivals each year. $







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Saturday, February 12, 2011 23 Submitted photo From left to right: Adjudicator: Faith Pritchard, Hadassah Maendel, Thaddeus Maendel, Kaitlyn Maendel, Mountain School Division Schoolboard Trustee: Colleen Philippot, Amaris Maendel, Nancy Wollman, Hadassah Serena Maendel, Jamian Waldner., are pictured at the Mountain Festival held at Fairholme Colony School on Feb. 1 and 2.

Students show passion for arts at Mountain Poetry and Drama Festival

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And the winners are...

Most Outstanding Creative Solo Kindergarten to Grade 6 and Prairie Spirit School Division $25 Scholarship Amaris Maendel of Fairholme School Most Outstanding Creative Solo Grades 7 to 12 and Prairie Spirit School Division $50.00 Scholarship and Recommendation for The 2011 Provincial Music & Speech Arts Finals Hadassah Maendel of Baker School Alternate recommendation for The 2011 Provincial Music & Speech Arts Finals and Prairie Spirit School Division $25.00 Scholarship Jamian Waldner of Baker School Most Outstanding Solo Kindergarten to 6 and Prairie Spirit School Division $25 Scholarship Hadassah Serena Maendel of Fairholme School Most Outstanding Solo Grades 7 to 12 and Prairie Spirit School Division $50.00 Scholarship Kaitlyn Maendel of Fairholme Portage and District Arts Centre $50 Gift Certifi cate Thaddeus Waldner of Baker School Prairie Spirit School Division $25 Newcomer Scholarship Nancy Wollman of Good Hope School


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