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Local wins international award

Southern Health employee first Manitoban and third Canadian to win

JOHNNA RUOCCO Herald Leader A self-proclaimed ?transplant Portager? has been recognized internationally for excellence in his profession. Martin Montanti, vice president of corporate services for Southern Health-Santé Sud, is the recipient of the Garner Themoin Award and was presented with the award on April 15, making him the third Canadian and first Manitoban to receive the award since its inception in 1976. The award is given by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management and is given to an individual whose unselfish, sincere and persistent efforts have furthered the advancement of the supply chain profession. Montanti first was a nominee for the Supply Chain Management Association Fellow Award and won that in June 2014. By

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May26, 5, 2015


at the Herman Prior Seniors Centre Covered by Manitoba Blue Cross, DVA Medical Services and most major insurance plans. For appointment1-877-909-3338 D3000 Victoria Avenue, Brandon, MB R7B 3Y3 SUBMITTED PHOTO Martin Montanti is the recipient of the international Garner Thémoin ? Advancement of the Profession Award on April 15, 2015. Martin is currently Vice President of Corporate Services for Southern Health-Sauté Sud. The award was given by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management.




FRIDAY. MAY 1, 2015 Doors open 6:30 p.m. Concert 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 17 Royal Road, South, Portage la Prairie TICKETS: $15.00 EACH Available from: Church Office Tuesday - Friday 9:00 am - noon; 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Congregation Duis members condimentum vitae eros At the door vitae porttitor. Donec tincidunt Refreshments ut dolor vel served during intermission condimentum. See You There! winning, he became the SCMA?s nominee for the Garner Themoin Award. ?It?s excellence in the profession itself, but it?s also taking a look at your overall contribution to the community, because a fellowship award is not just what you do at work, it?s what you do to help move the profession forward, it?s what you do within your community, so it?s an overall thing,? said Richard Reid, executive director of the SCMA Manitoba. ?They don?t look at just are you good at math and can you manage inventory, it?s how do you reflect on the profession to show that you?re just a good person.? Reid said Montanti?s achievement shows the SCMA Manitoba has quality people within the association. ?Too often we?re still seen as just the guys in the corner that cut the purchase orders, and so when you can have somebody that receives this type of award, is recognized for their contribution to not only supply chain management, but business itself, it?s very helpful because it helps raise the profile of our association in the world that we play,? Reid said. Reid said he thinks part of the reason Montanti won the award is due to his belief in helping other people succeed. ?Martin has been very successful, he?s very good at what he does, but for the years I?ve known him, he?s always been somebody that is always wanting to help others succeed, whether it?s people that he works for, that he supports, the stakeholders in the organization, or just others that he happens to meet,? Reid said. ?I think that it?s a big reason why he?s been successful, because he?s helped a lot of people, and I think the more you help the more successful you?ll ultimately be because it?s really helped him develop some great teams and get some results.? Montanti believes if he has a greatest attribute, it?s being able to connect people with other people and that his job is almost being the middle man in connecting customers with suppliers. ?One of the things that you go through an evolution in supply chain where probably your first major accomplishment is negotiations. I know when I worked in the food industry the value of the dollar was very important, so the cost of the purchase was really important. Where when I moved into the aerospace industry it was how fast can you turn your inventory over, instead of having it sitting on the shelf, how do you get things just when you need it,? he said. ?Now in the health industry it?s actually understanding the needs of 190 different clients out there and understanding that every one of them is different, yet trying to think about how you actually make everyone the same.? He thinks the award is a convolution of all the time he?s spent in the industry but insists he?s not ready to retire. ?You get a fellowship award and you?re 52 years old, and then you win an international award you?re still only 53 years old. I?m not ready to retire yet, but it was a humbling surprise.? For Montanti, being able to represent Manitoba and Canada is one of the best parts about winning these awards. ?Prior to this year there?s only four Manitobans that have ever won the fellowship award for supply chain across Canada, and then there?s been only two Canadians prior to myself that have won the international award, it?s unbelievably humbling,? he said. ?I never even thought about the fellowship award, I?ve done a lot of stuff in supply chain over the years, I?ve gone into so many different industries and from the 80s to the 90s to 2000s to present day, but you don?t really think of your accumulated work, you think about where you are today versus where you come from.? Montanti have worked in five different industries and pointed out a pattern he noticed with the positions he?s held over the years. ?I start off in the supply and logistics side and then I tend to just gravitate to other areas of the operation,? he said. See AWARD/Page 8 $




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